What should I to expect immediately following the activation of my DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence Home Network?

Once activated, DARWIN begins to passively monitor and enhance your indoor living environment.

In days following activation, you may see Poor Indoor Air Quality scores. This could be the result of toxins and pollutants emitting from building material, alongside furniture or other equipment used in the home building process. If included DARWIN actively sense's and remediates your air to reduce contaminants within your home.  

To get the most from DARWIN's circadian lighting ensure that you have activated and set up your sleep/wake preferences on the DARWIN tablet or smart device. Wake the way nature intended. 

Please note that features may vary depending on your purchased package with your selected home builder. You can contact customer support at 1-3000-DELOS or by opening a ticket if you'd like to fully your activate DARWIN Network.


Feel free to reach out to DARWIN Customer Support if you have any further questions.

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