How Long Will My Water Filters Last Before It Needs To Be Replaced?

Filters are expected to last up to 12 months. This will depend on both local environmental factors and number of individuals living in the household and their living habits.

Filters will clog over time due to the capture of particles/sediment. The more sediment in your supply water the more likely your filter is to clog up as a result. Expected life of the filter is based on the filters ability to continue to provide water at a tested level of quality (be that chemical reduction, sediment reduction etc.) In saying that should your supply water be heavily contaminated with sediment and large particles, this sediment will slowly cause the flow of water to be restricted resulting in poor water flow. The quality of your water should still be to the quality claimed. In a new home you may find that your first water filter becomes clogged quicker than expected, this is due to the heavy amounts of construction going on around your home. This construction will often cause additional sludge to be present in the water mains. 

Remember a clogged water filter is simply a sign that the filter has, and is, working to prevent you from drinking the sediment, dirt, rust, grim, and other particles that would otherwise be in your drinking and bathing water. 

Should you be experiencing a clogged filter, visit the Delos Australia store for replacement filters.


Feel free to reach out to DARWIN Customer Support if you have any further questions.

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