Can I reassign my Circadian Switch to a different room?

Yes. The Circadian Switch can be reassigned but would require new programming.

Before reprogramming the DARIWN hub IP address needs to be located. This can be found through the DARWIN application (see below) or may already be known in the Flic application.

Identifying from DARWIN:

  • Navigate to Family name > settings > home settings > Wi-Fi & Network > Ethernet setup: Locate the IP address. It will similar to Take note of this.

Note what the switch was controlling and what it will be controlling in the future. Take note of both the room name and the group of devices that will be controlled.




  1. Download the flic application
  2. Create a user account
  3. Follow the app commands to add;
    • Hub
      • ID and password located on underside of hub.
    • Button
  4. Choose the button you wish to reassign.
  5. If the actions of the button are to remain the same, change both the room and group ID within the coding script and press save.

If the function of the switch is changing follow the below instructions.

  1. Choose function of button; 1 press, double press, hold
  2. Choose http request as option
  3. Add a URL post
  4. Script code sequence to the URL;
  5. Room specific commands
    • On (true) / Off (false)
      • http://IP address of hub:3001/action1?room=room&Id=group&state=on/off&hubAction=group_power&type=GROUP
    • Group Brightness
      • http://IP address of hub:3001/action1?room=room&Id=group&brightness=%of light&hubAction=group_brightness&type=GROUP
    • Scene
      • http://IP address of hub:3001/action1?room=room&scene=type of scene&hubAction=activate_scene
  6. Whole of home commands
    • To set whole home Brightness
      • http://IP address of hub:3001//action1?type=Lighting&zone=WholeHome&brightness=50&hubAction=home_brightness
    • To set the whole home on/off
      • http://IP address of hub:3001/action1?type=Lighting&zone=WholeHome&state=false&hubAction=home_power
    • To trigger the scene on the whole home
      • http://IP address of hub:3001/action1?type=Lighting&zone=WholeHome&scene=3&hubAction=trigger_scene
    • All Blinds stop
      • http://IP address of hub:3001/action1?type=Blinds&zone=WholeHome&state=false&hubAction=home_stopblind
    • All Blinds open/close
      • http://IP address of hub:3001/action1?type=Blinds&zone=WholeHome&state=false&hubAction=home_power

Note that all spaces in the coding chain are represented by %20 and room names are case sensitive. This is particularly important when adding room names with multiple words.

  1. Add "flic_key" and authorisation to header and string in flic app. Authorisation code can be found under the flic_key string in another button.
  2. De select 
  3. Confirm functionality of button.
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