How Do I Control Lights With DARWIN Circadian Switch?

The DARWIN Circadian Switch is designed to create an array of experiences at the click of a button. Below are the different commands:

  1. Double click the Circadian Switch to turn lights on.
  2. Single click the Circadian Switch to turn lights off.
  3. Click and hold Circadian Switch to dim lights. Lights dim to 15% of its maximum brightness.


The DARWIN circadian switch is battery powered giving you the flexibility to locate the device anywhere in the house, such as next to your bedside table or the couch. It also allows you to change the perceived lighting circuitry without the need to change the home wiring (e.g. Delos  smart lights controlled by the same conventional light switch can now be controlled independently of one another)

Feel free to reach out to DARWIN Customer Support if you have any further questions.

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